Tuesday, 9 May 2017

5 Mightiest forts travelers must visit in Rajasthan

Tales of furious battles still rage on in the echoes around Rajasthan. Rajasthan Tourist places hold the awe of a majestic era in it. Here are the greatest forts to visit around this desert land.

•    Jaigarh Fort offers one of the most exciting attractions - elephant rides. The preserved mosaic of the fort looks breathtaking and is an architectural treat over all.

•    Amber Fort can be seen at a distance from Jaigarh Fort. This beautiful palace is reminiscent of the wealth and prosperity of the Pathans during their prime. Although slightly ramshackle, the fort is very carefully preserved.

•    Kumbalgarh Fort is a worthwhile trip to the high Aravalli Mountains. The incredibly long wall, second only to the Great Wall of China, is one of its major attractions.

•    The Chittaurgarh Fort is one of the largest in India, and as of now, is a World Heritage Site. It has a famous historical setting, and if nothing else, the lake will mesmerize you.

•    Junagarh Fort is one of the lesser known ones, but is better preserved as a memento of the ancient empire. Above all, the fort is an architectural marvel and humbles any observer in its majestic walls.

If you cannot find a suitable place to stay in Jaisalmer or Jaipur, you can still make your visit by staying at the capital. There are several affordable Places near Delhi within 200 kms of all the major tourist attractions so you have a bigger range of options.

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