Friday, 29 April 2016

Heritage Hotels in India Grant the Discerning Traveller a Many Splendored Stay
With the pressures of living and increasing competitiveness necessitating frequent leisure breaks and need for relaxation, conveniently accessible weekend getaways from Delhi allow you to enjoy unmitigated luxury in plush heritage hotels in India!

Such magical Weekend getaways from Delhi encapsulating simultaneously luxurious stays, feasts, celebrations, and conferences, offer you a memorable reprieve at the magnificent 15th century Fort-palace near Jaipur with its sumptuous seven palace wings built over 14 layers tiered ingeniously across a sprawling hillside, hanging gardens for secluded strolls, two sparkling pools inviting you for an invigorating swim, an extensive Ayurvedic spa with sophisticated and splendid facilities for expert, globally acclaimed and ancient Ayurvedic massages, scrubs, body wraps and an array of beauty and health therapies! Not forgetting the exciting sport of India’s first zip line!

Yet another tempting weekend getaway, the 14th century Hill-fort at Keshroli in Alwar district with its spectacle of crimson sunsets from the massive ramparts and monastic spaces, of watching endless fields of  golden yellow mustard stretching mesmerizingly into an infinite horizon and its proximity to other significant tourism sights such as the renowned Neelkantha temples, Sariska Tiger Sanctuary, the hot springs in Talvriksh, the ancient city in Mathura, all make it irresistible! The Jat mud fort at Govindgarh, the scenic hill-station of Rajgarh, Deeg  and Viratnagar are other memorable attractions in proximity to this impressive hill-fort.

When you stay in such historical Heritage Hotels in India, with their period furnishings, spacious and uniquely exquisite interiors, their lavish gourmet cuisines fashioned by master chefs into a feast of gastronomic pleasures, wedding and celebration locales and memorable milestone occasions, you are redeeming for yourself, an unforgettable holiday experience!

Friday, 22 April 2016

Exciting Honeymoon Packages in India Thrill Newly Married Couples

Capture the stars in her eyes, romantic nights wreathed in the soft glow of moonlight, walking hand-in-hand in the misty rain through verdant forests and mountainsides or cuddling up with your loved one in an inviting bed with a glass of wine, while the mists roll in. Magic scenarios, precious moments captured in time at exotic honeymoon destinations in India brought to you by innovative honeymoon packages in India!

From the frisson of excitement experienced with your partner zipping to romantic strolls in the exotic Hanging Gardens or romantic candlelight dinners on sumptuous cuisine in majestic Palace –Fort holiday near Jaipur to rejuvenating at the sensuous spa with Ayurvedic massages by skilled masseurs, there is no dearth to experience to kindle the flame of love anew!

For the ardent beach lovers and water babies, partial to the fiery feni, succulent and sumptuous seafood and romantic interludes among the glistening silver sands, gracious  Portuguese villas resplendent with opulent artefacts, lavish accommodation and delicious cuisine, woo the lovers with irresistible romance.

Whichever honeymoon destinations in India you choose from  – from the Hill-fort at Keshroli in Alwar with its monastic spaces, its endless mustard fields and crimson sunsets and sunrises from the majestic ramparts of the fort, with candle-lit dinners in romantic environs and vibrantly furnished accommodation, you craft for yourself unforgettable memories.

For those with a penchant for the unique, Honeymoon Packages in India bring you the quaint sole pedestrian hill-station of Asia, at Matheran, perched on the Western Ghats! The most romantic weekend getaway from Mumbai – with leisurely forest walks, romantic candle-lit dinners and hammocks to swing in, you are left with plenty to dream about!