Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Top tourist Destinations in Rajasthan, making your holiday memorable!

India is a wonderland for travellers; the country has everything from deserts to mountains and even beaches. The beauty of the country leaves you mesmerized but if you don’t have much time in hand and wish to pick only one destination, then undoubtedly Rajasthan must be your choice.

Rajasthan is a state tucked in history, from huge forts to pristine palaces, the state has it all. Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Ajmer account amongst the top Tourist Destinations in Rajasthan. These cities were ruled by Rajput kings until the British era, who erected numerous palaces, statues and towers as signifiers of their power. The forts were built as a safety measure, to protect the king from attacks made by the enemies.  In Rajasthan you will come across people flaunting their traditional dress and singing and dancing on folk songs.  The puppet show and Rajasthani food are also famous world-wide.

Hotels here provide you with premium facilities ensuring your comfort. Spacious and clean rooms are common, here you can expect traditionally decorated hotels with high speed internet and complimentary breakfast for the guest. Hotels in India are acknowledged all over the world, for their hospitality which is also the case in Rajasthan. To enjoy a royal holiday, Rajasthan must be your first choice . However, visit in the winter months to escape the scorching sun.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Best Hotels in Bangalore for your holiday!

Holiday’s don’t happen often and when they do we expect the best out of them. A holiday is that time when we wish to immerse into luxury and envelop ourselves into the beauty of the destination. Hotels play an integral role in making the holiday successful, if you find yourself in an uncomfortable and dirty hotel with tiny rooms, all your excitement goes down the drain. Hence, it is integral to check about your hotel before booking it.

However, Hotels in Bangalore ensure that nothing disappoints the traveller visiting their city. They provide air conditioned spacious rooms with attached washrooms, free Wi-Fi and complementary breakfast to its guest. Some hotels even provide transit facility to and from the airport and railway station. Like the hotels, even the city doesn’t disappoint the traveller. Having pleasant weather throughout the year, the city is full of gardens and monuments attracting the tourist.

India in general is a geographical and architectural paradise; the country has everything from beaches to mountains and even deserts which you can visit. Several travel agencies provide, India Vacation Packages, these packages include almost all major Tourist Destinations like Kerala, Kashmir, Goa, Gujarat and Rajasthan. One must ensure that the duration of these packages are at least 10-15 days as these destinations have a lot to offer. If you love colours, architecture and food, India is the place for you!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Most Happening Honeymoon Packages in India!

The Indian subcontinent is a geographical wonderland , from seas, oceans, beaches, backwaters to mountains, deserts and valleys, India has got it all. The nation is blessed with geographical versallity making  it a favourite amongst travellers! Indian Travel agencies have used this to their benefit and promote it through packages like Honeymoon Packages in India, College trip packages, Bachelor Trip packages etc. In the Honeymoon packages, Goa, Shimla and Kashmir remain at the top of the list while in other packages destinations like Kerala, Jim Corbett , Sikkim have seen a boost!

Although, trends in the travel world change like seasons do, an increasing demand for Heritage Hotels in India has been seen in the past few years.  Preserving the historicity of our incredible India and combining it with  modernity is what these heritage hotels are best  known for. Several Heritage Hotels like Amar Mahal, Man Singh Palace, The Heritage Hotel and Spa and Deo Bagh etc have gained fame but undeniably The Neemrana Fort Palace remains the best in India.

The Neemrana Fort Palace not only seamlessly blends the past and the present but also caters to the best recreational facilities for its guests like Camel ride, Vintage Car ride and Cultural shows . The location of this beauty is an added perk for the guest as its only 200kms from the capital, New Delhi. Holidaying in India provides you with numerous options , affordable lodging , delicious food , unbeatable hospitality and prime services.