Monday, 26 October 2015

Best India Vacation Packages To Look Out For
Are you hunting for the exquisite India Vacation Packages? We suggest you head to the Fort Palace of Neemrana, which has become synonymous in India as a foremost example of architectural restoration-for-reuse. Some hotels in India are continuously on a path of restoring our past historical wonders into modern day heritage hotels, which can give a true picture about our culture, heritage and values to the discerning traveller.

Such hotels believe that a guest should get a feel of our history, culture and traditions and not only be given a cosmetic experience. Their philosophy highlights that our discerning travelers from various countries of the world, leave home to taste the 'difference' and seek authenticity rather than faked luxury by interior decorators.

Neemrana is a monument of historical significance with different stories to tell about our glorious history and culture. And, they have been restored by us to their past magnificence and glory by a handful of Hotels in India! We suggest you check the Neemrana Hotel brand of hospitality which hinges on the real – not necessarily on the ever-escalating standards of more. In India, where dramatic disparities exist, Neemrana has not so much raised the bar of Indian hospitality, but it has worked concertedly towards creating another niche whereby the experiencing of history and its architectural treasures has now become a part of the Indian tourism repertoire.