Saturday, 12 March 2016

Hotels in Alwar Promise Travellers an Enriching Staying Experience
Located tantalizingly close to the capital city of New Delhi and a part of the National Capital Region at just 150 kilometres away , fascinating Alwar with its quaint mix of multiple principal communities such as the Rajputs, Jats, Brahmins, Ahirs, Meos, Khanzadas and Gujjars, welcomes the inveterate traveller to hospitable hotels in Alwar and offers an amazing array of  Rajasthan tourist places to explore!

When you judiciously select historic heritage hotels in Alwar for your trip, with a sea of saffron mustard fields glinting in the setting sun or watch a breathtaking sunset from the impressive ramparts of the fort-hotel, then it is the precursor of unique things to come!

Strategically situated at the heart of the renowned Golden Triangle axis of Delhi-Agra-Jaipur, hotels in Alwar locationally facilitate an enriching gamut of sightseeing to fascinating Rajasthan tourist places. It makes an ideal base to visit the famous Sariska tiger sanctuary, Kankwadi fort, magnificent Neelkanth Temples, Pandupol , the Fort–Palace and monuments of Tijara, Siliserh Lake, Jaisamand Lake, Bhangarh-Ajabgarh and much much more! With the therapeutic hot springs in Talvriksh, the delightful hill-station Rajgarh, Machari, Viratnagar, Deeg, the sanctuary in Bharatpur, the unique Jat mud fort of Govindgarh, as well as the ancient city of Mathura and its renowned museum, visitors can “live” and experience history as never before.

The majestic hill-fort is one of few places within a 200 kilometre radius of New Delhi that hosts anniversaries, birthdays and other memorable occasions with elan!.Many intimate, fairy-tale weddings have been held at Hotels in Alwar , especially Kesroli, using fascinating indoor/outdoor venues. Glowing majestically at night, with fairy-tale charm, it leaves  you with unforgettable memories!

Monday, 7 March 2016

Happy Honeymoon Packages in India Bring Joy to Newlyweds

With a pocketful of dreams to match the sparkle in your eyes, indulge yourselves at this most special time of your life and select from a munificent melange of romantic honeymoon packages in India, crafted with exquisite finesse just for you!

From majestic hill-forts to beguiling beaches, these exciting honeymoon destinations in India are a source of infinite joy and comfort. There is the sole Asian pedestrian hill-station of Matheran perched enticingly on the Western Ghats with its leisurely walks through lush rain-soaked forests, picturesque lakes mirroring beauty and with your head among the clouds, you can recall nostalgically memories of romantic candle-lit dinners and lazy afternoons spent  swinging peaceably in a hammock.

Or soak in the sun, the sand and sea on the gorgeous pristine beaches of Goa, with its lively music, sumptuous succulent seafood and fiery feni elevating you to heights of heady happiness even as these gorgeous Honeymoon Destinations in India take to one of the most picturesque places in close proximity from Mumbai, ensconced in luxurious Goan villas richly furnished and generously endowed with amenities!

Such honeymoon packages in India, which offer you romantic weekend getaways from Chennai – at picturesque Pondicherry, the Bungalow on the Beach and The Gate House in Tranquebar, a fascinating pastiche of Dutch, British, Indo –Portuguese influences, with the richest oxygen-laden ozone layer, imposing Danish fort, impressive Pandyan temple, beach stalls and “singing waves” giving it an unusual aura of romance! The massive hill-fort Kesroli with its monastic spaces, breathtaking rampart sunsets and golden mustard fields, or the sumptuous Neemrana Fort-Palace with its exotic hanging garden, two beautiful swimming pools, an Ayurvedic spa, and India’s first zip-line, spell perfection!