Thursday, 31 December 2015

Amenities Served at Hotels in Bangalore

Places to visit in Bangalore
The Indian city of Bangalore is rich with its cultural heritage, boasting of tourist attractions like the Bangalore Palace, the Vidhana Soudha and of course the globally renowned IT Parks, the Hotels in Bangalore will make your stay more comfortable and memorable than ever. There is a huge variety to choose from and a myriad of facilities provided by such hotels. One of the most popular being free Wi-Fi.

The hotels range from 3 stars to 5 depending upon your budget, while never compromising on quality.  The spacious rooms and spic and span washroom is all one needs to de-stress after a day of heavy travelling.  The authentic Bengali food really brings it home with those bursts of flavor in your mouth. The proximity of the hotels to famous tourist spots saves you time and money and lets you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

There are many Hotels near Bangalore Railway Station for those who do not want to burn a hole in their pockets. They might be reasonable, but they do not lag behind in the service they provide and leave the customer content and satisfied.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Rejuvenating Spa Resorts Near Delhi with best facilities

Weekend Getaways from Delhi
I am a classical dancer and I travel all over the world performing and giving classes. I find peace and calmness in yoga and spa therapies. I am settled in Delhi but one of my favorite Spa Resorts Near Delhi is Neemrana fort palace. It is a palace of art, history, feast, celebrations and conferences. I visited this resort first in 2010 and ever since I have fallen in love with this magical place. I enjoy my spa time here; it is a perfect confluence of age old tradition with modern techniques. The Spa team at Sasha is gentle and very professional, they make you feel comfortable.This place is the ultimate answer to a complete rejuvenation. They also have two well maintained swimming pools and a fitness centre which is a great add on specially for a dancer because I have to follow my work out regimes every day without a day’s gap. 

During my stay there over the period of 5 days, I have witnessed several destination weddings take place attended and hosted by both Indian and foreigners. It is such a beautiful sight as I perfomed in some of them, it’s a royal affair here at Neemrana. I also enjoy other fun activities like camel rides and vintage car rides. What else would you want for a great Weekend Getaways from Delhi. The complimentary breakfast is such a treat here. The prices are reasonable and the varieties of both vegetarian and non vegetarian food are just amazing.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Offerings of Indian Vacation Packages
The Indian Vacation Packages by and large comprise of a compulsory visit to the magnificent Taj Mahal, the seventh wonder. The trip can easily be stretched to incorporate a little bit of history that reverberates from the royal Rajput palaces in Rajasthan. Or the palace of Neemrana. It is a nostalgic experience to witness the era of royalty unfold in the form of various light and sound shows that the tourism authorities offer for all the famous forts and palaces. The days gone by come alive in the form of local folklore, and can be tasted from the rich and delicious cuisines of Jaipur. A part of the lost grandeur can be taken home as a sovereign from the handloom stores.

Then there are those who gravitate towards the call of the mountains. Mighty Himalayas are not far from the country capital either. Manali, the most thriving of the mountain destinations offer luxury in the midst of greenery. For the restless ones, those who look for adventure and something beyond, places like Naggar and Keylong are a huge attraction.

To quench the lust for the countryside, one doesn't need to look further than Punjab. Not a long drive from New Delhi, Punjab promises a beautiful yellow and green expanses of wheta and rice crops. With its welcoming charm and sweet lassi, Punjab is a destination for the foodies and those looking for a small and quiet getaway.

There are a large number of Spa Resorts near Delhi and NCR, ideally located for such small and enticing tours that beckon the wanderers with their beauty and luxury. For a small vacation these resorts provide a large number of options to choose from and then there is the unavoidable massage and aromatherapy parlors that are, in themselves, a treat for the mind, body and soul.