Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hotel in Pondicherry : Bask in the glory of the Colonial Era

Puducherry is a Southern coastal state of India, sharing its boundaries with Tamil Nadu. Previously, Pondicherry was a union territory and was awarded statehood in 2006. Due to its predominated French heritage, it is known as ‘French Riviera of the East’. In the pre-independence era, Pondicherry was widely contested territory between the British and the French. French eventually retained controlled until 1954, when it was transferred to India. However, French influence is widely visible with most of the sign boards written in French, English and Tamil and French style villas are a common sight.
Being close to the beach and easily approachable by road, Pondicherry has long been a vacation destination. Due to its heritage, there are several French-inspired villas and chateaus in Pondicherry. One of the most famous of these chateaus was De’l Orient, dating back to 1506. This was taken over by Neemrana Hotels, a hospitality chain specializing in converting ruins of the bygone era, and converted into a superb luxury hotel.  If you looking for a Hotel in Pondicherry near Beach; this can be an ideal retreat for you.

Now known as Hotel de l’Orient, this beautiful chateau dates back to the late 1760’s. Mark of Neemrana is clearly seen in Hotel De’l Orient, as the new property is built the image of its earlier self. Recreated with old fashioned high-raftered ceilings, savonnerie rugs and easy chairs to lounge away the afternoons. Savor a French mansion full of Indian warmth at one of the most popular heritage hotels in Pondicherry.

Rooms at Hotel De’l Orient have tried to preserve the essence of 18th century, though now all air-conditioned and refurbished with fine pieces of collector’s art and furniture in a contemporary feel. Named after former French possessions in India, each room has an object symbolizing the region in which the French-occupied town was in. Ultimate luxury and places to visit in Pondicherry, awaits you here.

Plan you most awaited vacation in Uttarakhand

Make your vacation extraordinary as you embark on a journey in the ‘God Own Land’, Uttarakhand with some of the best places to explore and indulge in myriad of activities. Nainital and Rishikesh are among the mostly visited places in Uttarakhand that gives an opportunity to come back home with a new look on life.

When traveling with your family or friends and planning to stay for a week or more, you can find endless options for good accommodation. Your search for unique and distinct accommodation ends with the peaceful and comfortable hotels near Nainital. Hotels near Nainital comprise luxury hotels, heritage hotels, resorts and five star, four star and three star hotels. These hotels leave the guests completely pampered and treat them with royalty with a pool of amenities. The fully equipped and state-of-the-art rooms provide luxury, albeit at moderate and reasonable price.

The breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset, the peaceful surrounds, clear blue skies and ample activities to indulge in are some of the features that make your vacation in the Kumaon Hills remarkable. Rishikesh is another small town that attracts tourists round the year for the exotic locations and several recreation things to do. The scenic location where the Ganges flows down from the Himalayas makes Rishikesh a Gateway to the Himalayas. One can try out adventure activities like river rafting, bungee jumping, camping and others here. Besides, some of the places to visit in Rishikesh like Triveni Ghat, Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula, Rishikund and others mark the completion of your vacation. Enjoy the hill breeze and discover yourself for a memorable break in Uttarakhand.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Pondicherry: ‘The French Riviera’ of the East

Hotels in Pondicherry
As soon as you step into the city of Pondicherry, you will be assailed by the blend of French and Indian connection. Stepping back into the history of this rather small city, you will come across Pondicherry as one of the largest French colonies in India. There are some very interesting stories to read about war and trade regarding this capital. Not only this, you will find a strong foreign association in various forms on your visit, including the old quarters, boulevards and avenues with European style houses, cafes and bakeries. 

It is one amongst the many marvelous places to visit in the South and is known popularly as ‘The French Riviera of the East’ or as the French like to call it, ‘La Côte d'Azur de l'Est’. There are several places to visit in Pondicherry such as the heritage buildings including Romain Rolland Library; Publick Works Department, French Institute of Pondicherry at Saint-Louis Street, French Consulate amongst others.

The trip to Pondicherry would be considered incomplete if you do not visit The Beach Road. A walk along this promenade will bring you face to face with many landmarks such as the 19th Century Light House, French War Memorial, Le Café and Children’s Park & Dupleix Statue. Another name that is synonymous with this city is Sri Aurobindo Ashram. It is a very well known ashram in India which is visited by thousands of spiritual seekers from all over the world.

So if you are on a trip to Pondicherry to get away from the hustle –bustle, planning your itinerary in advance is very crucial. For example, there are several hotels in Pondicherry but the right selection is of utmost importance so that you have a relaxing and a hassle free stay.

Monday, 18 February 2013

The Neemrana Fort Palace: You’re Quick Weekend Destination near Delhi

Weekend Destinations near Delhi
As with all the metropolises across the world, New Delhi is no different when it comes to a fast living lifestyle. In today’s lifestyle, people don’t have enough time on weekdays to spend time with their friends and family.  The only good thing is that there are weekends to compensate for the busy schedule of the week.

Each one of us looks forward to spending weekends away from the city, free from the polluted and crowded world to places in the hills or at resorts near Delhi. This gives a breathing space and at the same time gives relaxation time to get recharged again, ready to take on the grueling and competitive world with a clean start.
Depending upon your preference for the location, the type of getaway or as per other reasons, there are innumerable weekend destinations near Delhi that will give you time to relax your mind and revive your soul. If you fancy a cultural trip for a weekend then there are resorts near Delhi on the way to Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan.

One such resort is The Neemrana Fort Palace which has been turned into a heritage hotel and resort. It’s a unique 15th century resort located on a hill that offers you a plethora of things to do while you’re there. First and foremost, you can take a tour of the resort to understand its heritage, relax with a much needed spa treatment or just laze around the pool with a good book. If you are the adventurous sorts, then you can try the zip-line as well. If you are lucky on weekends you might catch some action at the palace such as a folk dance recital.