Friday, 31 January 2014

Business Boom at the budget Hotels in Bangalore!

Travellers to India have often voted the Karnataka Capital, Bangalore, as a long and calming respite from the never-ending hubbub. The presence of plentiful Budget Hotels in Bangalore is an added bonus. Bangalore’s reputation as a location for global and national conferences and meetings has made it accomplish the peak room rates and occupancy in the country, even during the week days and off-seasons. On a positive note, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to affordable accommodations too. These budget hotels in Bangalore are known for their excellent services and unique character. They witness more business boom than any other place in the country. You can actually feel that high-energy vibration in this high-tech city. The year-round pleasant climate is just the cherry on top.

Ahmedabad, on the Sabarmati banks, is another city that follows the same spirit. As is characteristic of India's state capitals, Ahmedabad is a fascinating mix of middle age and modern history, with a big-city air and a passion for trade. As a result, numerous business Hotels near Ahmedabad Airport have sprung up, targeting at those flying to and from the city for quick business meetings and conferences. This makes the hotels near Ahmedabad airport extremely popular. They say business is in the blood of the people here. Every day, hordes of business travellers haunt the various hotels here to take their business forward. Due to this drive and passion from the people, Ahmadabad has already earned a position in the list of top business hubs in India.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Escape into the wilderness at hotels in Sariska

Nuzzled in a forested valley, Sariska National Park is a contrasting beauty of foliage, butting against the crimson soil. Even the controversies regarding the poaching of tigers have never deterred the wildlife lovers from coming here. Home to Sambar deers, Chital deers with spots, wild boars and abundant birdlife, this place is enough to drive any nature lover into a delightful frenzy. History buffs too have plenty to see like the stunning Kankwari Fort standing atop a hill. The forsaken but well-preserved Bangarh city is another gem. It is a 17th century city that’s notably haunted. Quite eerie! These are only some of the reasons why the hotels in Sariska are in great demand throughout the year.

Now Pondicherry hotels give a different feel altogether. While Hotels in Sariska are constructed in such a way that the wildlife there is undisturbed, Pondicherry hotels follow the mantra of ‘customer is king’. As an erstwhile French colony, Pondy is considered a great getaway from the routine. Tourists ranging from the most frugal to the most luxurious can find their home-away-from-home in Pondicherry. With close proximity to the Aurobindo ashram and the shopping avenues, most Pondicherry hotels offer you a tranquil and arboreal setting to rejuvenate yourself.

Stroll around the colonial-era edifices that manage to serve you with the right mix of modern aesthetics and cultural heritage. Even as you saunter along the calm and tree-sheltered avenues, you will agree that the Pondicherry charm is not something that you come across every day.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Live the fine life at Bambolim Beach Resort

Goa's rebirth as a trendier and more suave Arabian Sea retreat has a lot to do with the launch of the top-notch resorts like the Bambolim beach resort. Strategically built close to the Bambolim beach in Goa, it is worth to stay at the Bambolim beach Resort just for the gorgeous views. If you can manage to grab an ocean view room, well and good! It is amazingly serene to laze around in the balcony, gazing at the Sirdao hills being kissed by the sea; with a bottle of beer or feni (local drink) if you like. Yes, a fine-life experience at one of the best hotels in India shouldn’t be missed.

The Bambolim resort indeed opens the door to numerous wonders. Unbelievably, there are many sides to Goa, still untouched by tourism. Enjoy waking up to the sight of swaying palms and greenery at the Bambolim beach resort. Take in the sounds of the never-ending chirp of the birds and roars of sea waves crashing on the shore. Snuggle in the lap of nature and relish this fresh travelling experience. Your stay here will also give you a chance to enjoy life like a Goan. You can experience the stubborn Portugal tone of the city. Enjoy some haggling at the quaint local markets. Or if you are the typical party animal, Panaji (the ultimate party zone) is only a 30 minutes drive away.

And that is the reason why the visitors do not hesitate to vote this as one of the Best hotels in India.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Divinity unlimited at the hotels in Rishikesh

Rishikesh, at a glance, is a small town full to brim with ashrams and devotees. So you might expect the Hotels in Rishikesh to be a tad mediocre and simple. But this is not so. You can pamper yourself in the untainted opulence of one of the nation’s supreme and globally well-known spa resorts. Yes, hotels in Rishikesh wait to surprise you in every aspect. Ananda Spa in the Himalayas is one such resort. It is situated at a walkable distance from Rishikesh. You will also love The Glasshouse, bang on the bank of Ganges. While choosing one of the hotels in Rishikesh, it is important to choose a room with the right position. Then you can greet your days in Rishikesh with the comforting sight of water dashing on the shores.

When it comes to hotels, Rishikesh has some hefty competition. Ooty is one such hill station in South India that can give Rishikesh a run for its money. But that doesn’t mean that these towns are similar in anyway. While Rishikesh is essentially spiritual, Ooty is exceedingly touristy to the point of overbearing. Perhaps that is the reason why the hotels near Ooty are becoming more and more popular. This way you are strategically close to all the tourist attractions in Ooty without being attacked by the sheer commercialism of it. Staying in one of the Hotels near Ooty gives you perfect opportunity to explore the neighbouring hills and forests that are marvellous for camping, hiking and trekking. No wonder it earned the nickname of ‘Snooty Ooty’.