Monday, 23 September 2013

Bangalore, A city of Diverse Hues

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Cabana Dempo, Neemrana Property, Goa
Bangalore, now known as Bengaluru is a city that enjoys an easy connectivity to surrounding cities. The capital city of Karnataka is quite blessed with a wonderful climate where the rain acts as a protector when the sun warms up the city with its harsh rays.  Despite the fact that the city is usually clogged with traffic, tourists find the city extremely attractive due its surreal entertainment options, sidewalk cafes and active markets that create a cheerful environ throughout the metropolis.

Witnessing a heavy entry of people throughout the year for personal and professional reasons, Bangalore has made itself quiet adaptable to multi-cultured people. While there might be many budget hotels in Bangalore, there are few heritage budget hotels that have grown beyond the usual glass and chrome buildings and have made their ambiance quite unpredictable, unlike other standard hotels. Heritage hotels in Bangalore resemble the typical architecture of South Indian houses that have spacious rooms with vintage furniture and private pillared balconies.

Though, Bangalore in itself is an interesting destination that not only keeps the tourists busy but also ensures that the natives are kept entertained through new leisure options. However, those who want to escape from the city and spend weekend getaways in nearby cities or state can easily traverse to the carefree land of Goa. Numerous hotels, resorts and villas in Goa are spread throughout the state to ensure maximum comfort for travelers. Villas near Siradoa beach delight guests with their scenic location and spacious rooms that have a soothing ambiance, classic furniture and an overall layout that resembles the Portuguese-styled architecture.

So those planning to travel to South India, must pack bags for a longer vacation as the region has many places to be explored that are relatively unspoiled and provide one the opportunity to revive during their leisure breaks. Whether it’s Goa or Bangalore, one thing is common between the two, they don’t let any visitor end their vacation without a tryst with their rich culture.